Custody Investigations

Strategic Intelligence Services, LLC conducts custody investigations locally in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and wherever we can do so legally. We understand that co-parenting with the other party can be frustrating and anxiety provoking. 

Is the opposing party:

Being dishonest in court.

Violating court orders.

Violating parenting plans.

Working under the table and/or not disclosing their employment.

Not being honest about how much time they are spending with your children.

Are your children in danger because:

                           Persons  are being allowed to be around  your children who should not be?

                           Persons are using/selling legal or illegal substances around your children.


If so you want an Experienced investigator to document this activity!

For more than 18 years Thomas Stotts has conducted thousands of custody/divorce investigations and has testified in court on many occassions. 

Your children deserve better! 

You may call or text us at (509)230-6176 or immediately chat with us via WhatsApp by clicking below.