Last week I had the opportunity to reunite a client who had been adopted as a baby with her biological father. It was a fun case. The client was able to obtain her birth certificate from the state of Colorado so she had a lot of information that allowed me to find her parents fairly quickly. As a rule I dont just give clients contact information for the people they seek.  I have to contact the person and provide them with my clients contact information so that if they wish to have contact they can. I found the birth father and mother first in old yearbooks I found online. I was amazed at the resemblance between my client and the birth mother.  There was no doubt in my mind that I found them. After a few more searches I obtained contact information for both parties.

I was able to contact the birth father after a few phone calls. After the initial apprehension on his part wore off he became emotional and had to excuse himself a couple times to catch his breath. He shared with me that he was in college at the time that the birth mother had become pregnant and that they had gotten married. Within a couple of weeks the birth mothers parents had forced the birth mother to obtain an annulment and she gave up my client for adoption.  The birth father hired an attorney however in those days fathers had very little hope of getting custody in those situations. He never even had a chance to meet his daughter. The last I heard from my client is that they had scheduled a time to talk on the phone.

The birth mother, who is an accomplished artist, refused! She shared with me that at the time of the adoption the Judge had told her that she could not contact my client or her adopted family and they could not contact her. She had resigned herself to that  and did not want to be reunited with my client. For me that is hard to imagine however I complied with her wishes. She did however agree to provide medical information to my client and her adult daughter (clients half sister) did want to contact my client. They live in the same state so perhaps they can develop a relationship. Perhaps the birth mother will change her mind in time.

This is one of the cases I will remember as a case that reaffirms that becoming a Private Investigator is my purpose in life.